Monday, September 26, 2011

The Stinkpipe adventure continues

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Clapham Stinkpipes

Here is the text from the Clapham Historical Society's newsletter, about stinkpipes.
Sewage Vent Pipes - otherwise known as Stench Pipes

At a recent meeting of the Lambeth Council Environment Scrutiny Committee, a question was asked about responsibility for the maintenance of stench pipes, which are part of the main sewage system. From discussions it became clear that there are 158 of these pipes in Lambeth but neither the Council nor Thames Water, who are responsible for the sewage system, know where they are! Without knowing where they are, no maintenance can be undertaken nor can the pipes be taken into account by the Planning Department when making decisions on buildings.
The Society has therefore decided to provide help to the hard-pressed authorities by running a light-hearted Easter hunt of ‘Spot the Stench Pipe’. Aprize will be presented to the Society member who can find the greatest number of stench pipes in the Clapham area by 30 April. The location of pipes should be listed and sent to the Editor of the Newsletter to arrive before the closing date. (Hint - look for
straight pipes that are taller than lamp-posts, but with no light on the top!). The winner will be announced in the newsletter and presented
with a Stinking Bishop cheese at the Society’s summer party. Good hunting!

Stinkpipe News

It's not a good time of year for Stinkpipe spotting. The dark evenings do not lend themselves to photography, especially for such a difficult subject as stinkpipes. So new entries will not appear too often, until next spring that is. In the meantime these articles have turned up.

Friday, October 27, 2006

New findings

I was out in Beckenham the other day. I happened to come by three new stink pipes. The design wasn't new though - they were the same as the two in South Bromley and Elmstead woods. Possibly in better condition, but i'll have to verify that by going back during the day time.

Then in Catford, I went back to look at three i'd seen while cycling past last winter. They turned out to be J.Stone & Co, but unlike any i've photographed so far. Again - I'll have to return during daylight.

It's not the best time of year for this sort of activity - visiblity being generally quite poor throughout the winter months. But when I was in Nunhead yesterday visiblity was perfect. It was sunny and bright when I discovered two until now unknown Ham Bakers in that area. But I didn;t have my camera. Again - a return trip will be necessary.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Kings Avenue, Bromley

An unusual design - unique so far, and in very good condition

(unfortunately pictures were lost so a follow up visit is required)

Elmstead Woods

Yet another stink-pipe by an unknown manufacturer.

 There is an attractive leaf motif half way up the pipe - badly photographed, below.


I finally had the opportunity to enter Chiswick Park and photograph this pipe, that I'd previously only managed to see travelling on the tube from Acton [it was me travelling on the tube, not the stinkpipe - just thought I'd make that clear]. As well as carrying out the usual duties of a stink-pipe, this one is also performing the very important function of carrying a lost dog notice.

photographed in 2011 - still performing as a lost dog information post,
though recently painted and in much better condition

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October update

Here at London's Stink Pipes we've been out and about discovering new stinkpipes across London.

There appears to be plenty in the Orpington area, although no new types so far. These will be mapped.

Some new types have been photographed elsewhere, and will be appearing here soon, including stink-pipes found outside of London - in Goldalming and Portsmouth.

A brand new type was seen in Kingston, however, no photographer was on hand. So we shall be revisiting Kingston in the near future.

A workman was recently seen in a cherry picker poking something down a stinkpipe in Eltham, although the workman's employer was not identified. This implies that soemone is actively maintaining them. More to come.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

J.Stone & Co - other design

A trawl through Dulwich threw up this quite uninteresting - but, as yet, unique - stink-pipe.

Manufactured by J.stone & Co

unknown manufacturer

This one, found just off Eltham High Street, is quite interesting, and unlike any we've seen before.
*(LNnote20/10/06 - there is one just like it on Blanmerle Rd, Eltham)
*(LNnote2012 - another one had turned up in Welling)

Unfortunately the original pictures associated with this post have been accidentally deleted. New pictures to be taken asap.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

AC Woodrow & Co London

A trawl round Plumstead and Eltham threw up a number of these stink-pipes. Not an especially attractive design, though.

A similar one stands on nearby Ankerdine Drive.

This one, standing in the bushes along Meredith Drive, still retains its manufacturer's name plaque - AC Woodrow & Co of London.

More of these are found in New Eltham - Clay Farm Road, 5 ways on Sidcup by-pass, etc.