Thursday, August 31, 2006

J.Stone & Co - other design

A trawl through Dulwich threw up this quite uninteresting - but, as yet, unique - stink-pipe.

Manufactured by J.stone & Co

unknown manufacturer

This one, found just off Eltham High Street, is quite interesting, and unlike any we've seen before.
*(LNnote20/10/06 - there is one just like it on Blanmerle Rd, Eltham)
*(LNnote2012 - another one had turned up in Welling)

Unfortunately the original pictures associated with this post have been accidentally deleted. New pictures to be taken asap.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

AC Woodrow & Co London

A trawl round Plumstead and Eltham threw up a number of these stink-pipes. Not an especially attractive design, though.

A similar one stands on nearby Ankerdine Drive.

This one, standing in the bushes along Meredith Drive, still retains its manufacturer's name plaque - AC Woodrow & Co of London.

More of these are found in New Eltham - Clay Farm Road, 5 ways on Sidcup by-pass, etc.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Camberwell Road

Another one, currently residing in the 'unique' file.

Just off New Camberwell Road, opposite the BP garage.

In the trees

Broad and Co No1

This was standing on a street in Mottingham

Broad and Co No1

It's a bit knackered

Myatts Field Park

The local council finally trimmed the hedge enough so we could photograph this stink-pipe which sits within the grounds of Myatts Field Park in Camberwell.
The manufacturer is unknown, and no other example of this type is known either.

Detail - below.

the pipe, which is the orginal metal one, has gone a bit rusty.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Simon Cornwell left this message:

"There are stink pipes throughout the leafy suburbs of Beckenham.
The upper part of The Avenue is unadopted by the council and retains original 1930s street lighting fixtures attached to the stink pipes.
Several examples can be seen pictured on my website here:"

Thanks, simon.