Friday, October 27, 2006

New findings

I was out in Beckenham the other day. I happened to come by three new stink pipes. The design wasn't new though - they were the same as the two in South Bromley and Elmstead woods. Possibly in better condition, but i'll have to verify that by going back during the day time.

Then in Catford, I went back to look at three i'd seen while cycling past last winter. They turned out to be J.Stone & Co, but unlike any i've photographed so far. Again - I'll have to return during daylight.

It's not the best time of year for this sort of activity - visiblity being generally quite poor throughout the winter months. But when I was in Nunhead yesterday visiblity was perfect. It was sunny and bright when I discovered two until now unknown Ham Bakers in that area. But I didn;t have my camera. Again - a return trip will be necessary.


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